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Asato harbors an ultimate ambition—to exalt our lives by infusing past traumas and negative experiences with newfound value. 
His unyielding curiosity lies in the intricate elements constituting human nature, delving into the labyrinthine realm of thoughts and emotions.
Born into a family adhering to the Japanese religious practice of Nichiren-Shoshu, he's upbringing immersed him in a world adorned with religious sculptures, Japanese myths, and the teachings of Buddhism. From an early age, he reveled in the delights of doll play and artistic expression through drawing. However, his household was marred by the fragility of his parents' relationship, fostering a constant discord. Within this milieu, his creative imagination took flight—a realm where the clash of negative human emotions and devout supplication merged harmoniously.
A pivotal moment occurred when he bore witness to his mother's tearful lamentation. It was in that instance that he realized the birth of an alter ego within his psyche, assuming the role of a surrogate self, dutifully shouldering the burdens of stress and sorrow in his stead. Thus, he found solace and liberation from the weight of emotional strain. Nonetheless, an ever-present void and a sense of desolation accompanied this respite. Above all, he longed for the warmth of an embrace, both to receive and to bestow.
As fate would have it, he's chosen medium of artistic expression materialized as fashion—an avenue through which art intertwines with the human form, offering solace on physical and metaphysical planes. Fashion, in its essence, becomes a vehicle for unearthing the beauty embedded within the depths of our most painful tears. Asato yearns to establish a ritualistic framework within the realm of fashion, one that fosters self-affirmation and embraces the acceptance and validation of past traumas—a healing system intricately intertwined with the aesthetics of attire.
In essence, this noble pursuit celebrates the ebbs and flows of human emotional dynamism, embracing the inherent imperfections that define our collective existence.

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