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ASATO's ultimate goal as a fashion designer is to "celebrate our own life by adding new value to past traumas and negative experiences. Simultaneously, filling the emptiness people feel, and pay homage to all of the painful tears." His interest has always been the elements that make up humans and the complex thoughts and emotions people have, specifically, how he can heal people's trauma.

When he was born, his parents had believed in a religion called Nichiren-Shoshu in Japan.

He grew up surrounded by beautiful things such as religious sculptures, Japanese myths, and Buddhist teachings from an early age. He was a kid who loved playing with dolls and drawing. However, his parents' relationship was feeble, and there was always a dissonance in his house. His imagination was born in an environment where dissonance, made by negative emotions of humans, and prayer to God were always mixed.

When he saw his mother's tear for the first time, he noticed that another himself was born in his mind, and it always takes in his place and receives any stress and sadness instead of him.

Then he was protected and freed from all the stress. However, he always feels emptiness and loneliness at the same time.

He just wanted to be hugged by someone and wanted to hug someone.

His way of expression has inevitably become a fashion that art always surrounds the human body and embraces physically and mentally. Fashion always lets him find the beauty in all of the painful tears we have ever had. He would like to create a ritual of improving self-affirmation through fashion, a healing system that accepts and affirms past trauma.

That is the celebration of human emotional dynamism and imperfection of our existence.

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