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ASOTO grew up in Japan practicing Nichiren-Shoshu. He was always surrounded by beautiful things such as Buddhist religious sculptures.However, his parents' relationship was feeble, and the house hold became unharmonious. His imagination was born in an environment where dissonance, made by negative emotions of humans, and prayers to God were always mixed. In Parsons MFA Fashion Design and Society, he devoted himself to Freud's and Nietzsche's philosophies, interweaving his own experience and exploring the affirmation of trauma and the value of imperfections. For him, art is a ritual that sublimates the pain of life into elegance.

Asato received the following Prizes and Awards;  ITS 2022 Finalist, Asia Fashion Brand Contest Grand Prize (2022), Tokyo Mode Gakuen Graduation Project Fashion Show KOSHINO HIROKO Certification in Japan(2018), JAPAN Student Award Culture and Art Grand Prize(2018) LINEAPELLE2017 Grand Prize in Italy(2017). He has also received Original Fashion Competition Winner(2017), Nagoya Fashion Competition Gold Award and Incentive Award(2017), Hamamatsu Fashion Competition Excellence Award(2017), TOKYO NEW DESIGNER FASHION GRAND PRIX Best Prize Recipient(2016). In addition, he has received Hukui Fashion Competition Winner (2016), Sabae Fashion Competition Incentive Award(2016), JFW JAPAN CREATION Winner(2016), The 91th SOUENSHOU Winner(2016), Shinjuku Fashion Field Incentive ward(2015)

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